High-performing NanoCool™ push button activated single-use parcel shipper

The company’s creative NanoCool™ single-parcel shipper features a refreshing new logo, improving the existing carton design and supporting its simple ethos

Peli BioThermal, the life science industry’s associate from discovery to distribution, is delighted to present a new logo design that will feature across its NanoCool™ range of single-use parcel shippers.

The NanoCool™ temperature-controlled shippers offer the ultimate simplicity. One push of a button activates the evaporative cooling engine, making these shippers ideal for those needing temperature-controlled packaging solutions but who may not have the infrastructure or experience using more complex cold chain shipping solutions.

Peli BioThermal’s Vince Paolizzi, Director of Business Development – NanoCool Products, said: “We are pleased to introduce the NanoCool branding across our product range. The new branding represents the cool, clean lines of the product, together with the simplicity of use, which is its forte”.

If you are looking at the shipment of biologic samples for cell and gene, diagnostics and biomarker applications, or small-scale delivery of therapies and treatments, NanoCool is the ultimate solution. With its unique technology and push-button activation, NanoCool eliminates the need for freezers and complex SOPs. It’s a game-changer, providing peace of mind and streamlined shipping processes.

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