Why do packaging engineers need to know about Hemp plastic?

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What is hemp?

This name is expected in the United States nation, but not for other countries. It is an agriculture crop and cousin crop of marijuana (commonly known as cannabis)

Hemp is distinct from marijuana in its function, cultivation, and purpose. But these variations didn’t stop the political leaders of the United States of America from becoming confused and unexpectedly grouping all forms of cannabis as a Schedule I Drug and banning it in 1970 under the Controlled Substances Act.
Psychoactive cannabis, or “marijuana,” is used for medicinal or recreational purposes as it is widely known. Many states of the USA are gradually legalizing recreational marijuana, but marijuana remains federally illegal. An amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp in the U.S.
Today, hemp can use in a variety of ways that marijuana cannot. It involves healthful dietary supplements, cosmetic products, clothes, and accessories. You can now purchase legal hemp products not just online, but in many grocery stores and daily businesses. Overall, hemp is known to have over 25,000 potential applications.

What is hemp plastic?

Hemp cellulose is extracted from the hemp plant and make cellophane, rayon, celluloid, and a variety of plastics. 
Hemp is recognized to hold around 65-70% cellulose. It is acknowledged as a sound source (wood contains approximately 40%, flax 65-75%, and cotton up to 90%) that has special encouragement due to its relative sustainability and low environmental impact.”
Hemp plastic is the way of the future—become part of the solution by supporting a newer, greener plastic resin supply alternative.

Why hemp plastic?

Every year, hemp plastic technology reforms it and hit the market, and many businesses are incorporating hemp plastics into their commodities. Hemp is showing to be a correct option for the highly polluting plastics that are damaging our environment. There are different types of hemp plastic; here, we will briefly take you through how these plastics are produced.

Why need an alternative to plastic?

We know why everyone is looking for an alternative to plastic. Every country is looking only at the plastic ban option, but they cannot do it. So, there is no ambiguity that we are undergoing a major environmental disaster that takes multiple forms. 
Human beings have developed a non-sustainable development model for which we are now experiencing the consequences: the already perceptible climate change, the vital loss of biodiversity. Of course, deterioration of the soil, air, and the seas are some parts of the damage we have caused to our environment.
For example, take our oceans, which we have turned into a vast repository of waste that endangers marine ecosystems. As per Greenpeace, every second more than 200 kilos of plastic are discarded into the world’s oceans, equivalent to more than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste a year.

How is hemp sustainable plastic?

Hemp Plastic Biodegradable

We know that hemp is biodegradable; we understand how bio-plastic is sustainable to the environment. 

Read the blog on bio-plastic – Biodegradable plastic – The complete details

  1. Biodegradable Hemp plastic is non-toxic. It is also much more robust than conventional plastic.
  2. Cotton utilizes 50% more water than the hemp crop to grow. It also applies up to 25% of the world’s pesticides.
  3. Hemp biofuel – 86% more greener than gasoline and can be used in current vehicles.
  4. One acre of hemp yields as much paper as 4 acres of trees in one developing season (~100 days)
  5. In short, hemp bioplastic materials offer significant benefits for the environment. Because they are not manufactured from fossil fuels, they do not generate carbon dioxide when decomposed. Everything means that they could be a crucial part of solving the climate crisis.

How can we use hemp plastic for Packaging?

Hemp plastic is compatible with all types of plastic, such as PLA, HDPE, LDPE, PP, and ABS. Many companies provide us with the same mixture to get the packaging strength for our product with the benefits of biodegradable options.
  • here is the link for the company – The Hemp Plastic Company
hemp plastic biodegradable, biodegradable hemp plastic, Hemp plastic bottles, hemp bioplastic
Source: The Hemp Plastic Company

What if we use 100%hemp plastic?

While 100% hemp bioplastic is still a wonder, “composite bioplastics” — bioplastics produced from a blend of hemp and other plant sources — are already in use. It makes high strength and rigidity; these bioplastics are currently used to build cars, boats, and even musical instruments.
Many other packaging solutions also possible as a flexible film and rigid Packaging. We can make hemp plastic bottles with hemp bioplastic.
Some of the supplier of hemp plastic-


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