Beiersdorf sticks with Mondi for new recyclable release liners for wound care plasters

Mondi has developed a recyclable release liner for Beiersdorf’s new range of renowned Hansaplast, Elastoplast & CURITAS plasters, sustaining the company’s sustainability purpose to decrease fossil-based materials and maximizing renewable feedstock.

The German skincare company closed work Mondi with particular sustainability requirements. This directed close collaboration and joint trust resulted in developing a safe and practical solution for the consumer while supporting Beiersdorf’s ambition to launch a more sustainable plaster.

Mondi has replaced the release liners of the over-the-counter wound care plasters with an alternative liner, which uses silicones following the mass-balanced approach, replacing fossil-based raw materials with methanol, made from straw or cut grass. 

 The solution is industrially compostable according to ISO 14855, and results from the internal Mondi Recycling Lab in Frantschach show that it is recyclable according to the Cepi 4Evergreen standard paper mill requirements. It also uses less raw materials than its predecessor.

Beiersdorf has sustainability goals that are very much aligned with Mondi’s own MAP2030 goals, which include making 100% of packaging and paper products reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025

Grass Paper: Revolutionizing Packaging with Sustainable Solutions

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