Novolex introduced ProWAVE Tote – Delivery or Takeout bag

Hilex®, a Novolex® brand, declared new choices for its popular ProWAVE® Tote, a recyclable, reusable tote bag that facilitates deliveries and carry-out for supermarkets, restaurants, shopkeepers, and customers.

Consumers can now select a ProWAVE Tote with a 2.25-mil gauge film manufactured with a minimum of 40% PCR material  features allow the totes to satisfy most legislative requirements for reusable bags, including those in California – USA. Buyers can also opt for a ProWAVE Tote produced with 1.7-mil gauge film.

The ProWAVE tote boasts folded handles and a sturdy double-ply top, ensuring the bag remains open for easy loading. The flat bottom design allows for the efficient packing of more giant grocery or retail products.

“Our ProWAVE tote has been highly sought-after by supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses, so we’re adding new options to make it even more versatile and customer-friendly,” said Frank Lawson, Vice President of Sales for Novolex. “It’s a tote crafted for e-commerce, grocery, and retail sales, allowing products to be loaded and transported far more easily.”

The bags offer several popular features. The totes are:

  • An ideal to-go solution to streamline carry-out and delivery. The bags offer a low-profile design and flat bottom for easy loading; two large, comfortable handles for carrying; and a specially engineered inner fold that bolsters the bags’ strength during transport and allows customers to access the contents when the products arrive conveniently.
  • It can be recycled in-store drop-off or take-back programs.
  • Durable and puncture resistant to encourage reuse.
  • Designed to be compliant with new standards and legislation. For example, the totes manufactured with a 2.25-mm gauge and a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content meet the EcoLogo ATP-001 standard and comply with California SB 270 requirements.
  • Available in two gauges, 1.7 mils, and 2.25 mil, providing options to meet various regulations and customer needs.
  • It can be used for hot, cold, or frozen foods.
  • Offered in recycled white, grey, and kraft brown, with custom colors and prints available.

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