Amcor develops breakthrough recyclable healthcare packaging

New AmSky blister system, the latest in Amcors recent discovery breakthroughs, has the potential to transform the sustainability of healthcare packaging

Innovation eliminates PVC from blister packaging, allowing Amcor healthcare customers to promote this recyclability of their packaging

Innovation will present the first child-resistant and senior-friendly (CRSF) recyclable solution for the various in-demand pharmaceutical packaging type

Building on its current track recording of breakthrough innovations to deliver recyclable packaging and the Amcor is today declaring customer trials of the world’s first recyclable Polyethylene-based thermoform blister packaging. The original packaging is designed to meet the stringent demands of highly specialized and regulated pharmaceutical packaging.

It creates a more sustainable option for the most in-demand healthcare packaging type. This innovation also helps from up to 70% reduction in its carbon footprint when matched to packaging alternatives on the market today.

The AmSky eliminates PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) from the packaging using a Polyethylene (PE) thermoform blister and lidding film. PVC can make packaging recycling extra difficult or contaminate other materials if customers attempt to recycle them. By removing PVC while retaining all the benefits of pre-existing blister packaging, Amcor has produced a new, recyclable solution that benefits the complete recycling method.

Amcor is currently working with various leading pharmaceutical companies to bring the AmSky to market globally. The company demands AmSky to be prepared in the healthcare market by the second half of 2022.

Peter Konieczny, Amcor’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Amcor is deploying our unique innovation capabilities to solve the biggest and most significant issues in packaging today. With AmSky™ Amcor has signalled our commitment to breakthrough innovation in the healthcare space – this is why we remain the packaging partner of choice for our healthcare customers, generating close to $2bn in annual sales in this market. This new blister packaging solution will significantly enhance the ability of healthcare and pharmaceutical brands to put sustainability at the heart of their businesses.”

William Jackson, Amcor’s Chief Technology Officer for Flexibles, commented: “This exciting solution is a result of Amcor’s continued focus on advanced technology and growth, using the entire power of our global R&D network to bring recyclable solutions to our customers.”

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