Profol SBB Synthetic Bacon Board for bacon packaging

Profol Americas, a worldwide leader in cast polyolefin films manufacturer, has launched SBB Synthetic Bacon Board film for the bacon food packaging.

The Covid-19 environment situation has caused a significant upswing in household meal making, following a 12.8 percent rise in bacon packaging sales from last year. Refrigerated bacon values for more than $5 billion in transactions and more than 1 billion in pounds, with no indications of slowing down.

Today’s company and the user expect sustainable and user-friendly bacon packaging, and these two driving forces in proposing SBB Synthetic Bacon Board®.

Key attributeSBB Synthetic Bacon Board® attributes versus traditional wax or poly-coated bacon board includes:

  • Polypropylene based material and 100% recyclable film in the polypropylene or polyolefin recycle stream
    • It can be easily separated in the recycling stream using the traditional water bath separation used for polyolefins
  • It does not absorb MVTR or bacon fats
  • It remains hard to completely packaged product shipping and handling
  • Can use High-Pressure Process (HPP) sterilization (turkey, chicken, fish-based, beef, and plant-based bacon packaging)
  • Can be pigmented any preferred color on one side and white on the other
    • Standard colors are white/black, yellow/white, or white/whiteboard
    • Also ready in a customer’s demand color and can be private to that customer if the minimum volume is met

“Their track record in the packaging business gives a solid platform for achieving more sustainable, more beneficial film for this consumer-favorite food item,” states Profol New Business Development Director Mark VanSumeren. “And our U.S. manufacturing facility is certified to meet the Safe Quality Food (SQF) code.”

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