HAGA AG – Clay plaster henceforth in recycled packaging from Jokey

Reuse instead of wasting – Resource-conserving circular economy, the Swiss building materials retailer Haga relies on the grey recyclate bucket from Jokey. The buckets used for selling clay plaster display the RAL recycled plastic quality mark and consist of at least 50% post-consumer recyclates (PCR).

With the use of recyclate buckets, another Jokey customer is taking up the sustainability approach that Jokey promotes in its extended Eco Concept 2.0. It is being promoted in the campaign „Grey is the New Green,” which was launched in 2018. Founded in 1953, the traditional company HAGA, based in Rupperswil AG, specialized in the production and distribution of natural building materials in organic quality such as lime or clay plaster. The concept of sustainability is of key importance. “HAGA uses only environmentally friendly raw materials without synthetic additives. They meet all requirements, both in terms of construction biology and ecology,” emphasizes Thomas Bühler, owner and managing director of HAGA AG.  “With the recyclate bucket from Jokey, we have found a packaging solution that meets our high sustainability standards. After all, not only is awareness of construction biology and the demand for climate-friendly construction growing, customers also expect environmentally friendly packaging design.” 

An increasing number of recyclate packagings in the non-food sector

Jokey manufactures recyclate containers from PCR obtained from household collections. The proportion of used plastic can be up to 100%. Jokey has had packaging made from recycled plastics in its range since the early 1990s. Paints, construction materials, chemicals and other non-food products are packaged just as safely and reliably in it as in virgin plastics. It can be attractively designed and returned 100% to the recycling cycle. By using this packaging, Jokey customers are making an active contribution to protecting resources and strengthening the circular economy, because significantly less plastic has to be produced for the PCR buckets made from secondary raw materials. Environmentally conscious end consumers can easily identify the recyclate packaging at the point of sale by its grey colour resulting from the production process, and can thus specifically opt for sustainable solutions when making their purchasing decisions.

 “We are pleased that our Swiss customer HAGA also relies on the advantages of recyclate packaging,” emphasizes Christof Kölschbach, CSO of Jokey. “Manufacturers can act as role models here and also make a clear statement towards more sustainability when it comes to packaging solutions. In the same way that natural building is forward-looking, so is post-consumer recyclates in packaging.”

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