The Elopak announces tethered cap solution

The Elopak is today declaring a new tethered cap solution for its iconic Pure-Pak cartons – the Pure-TwistFlip.

The tethered cap is the most advanced sustainability-focused innovation declared by Elopak. The closure remains connected to the carton throughout its complete lifetime, helping to tackle the severe problem of marine littering by guaranteeing that the cap is disposed of properly. It is also Elopak’s most small screw cap to date, helping to decrease the use of plastics.


The Cartons can be recycled with the tethered cap added, and the Pure-TwistFlip offers an attractive new option for brands looking to reach the growing customer demand for sustainable packaging without compromising comfort or product integrity.

Reflecting on the announcement, the Elopak CMO Patrick Verhelst stated, “We are happy to receive the news that our tethered cap answer is now available. Sustainability is a significant driver of our innovation efforts at the Elopak, in which we are continually seeking to increase the bar and develop on past performance.”

“We have spent heavily in developing more environmentally friendly packaging resolutions that meet the same excellent examples our customers are used to and at the same time provide them a way to package their commodities in a manner that fits with a low carbon circular economy. 

For example, by combining the Elopak’s Pure-Pak carton with the Pure-TwistFlip cap, brands can now receive a package that both helps check marine littering and decreases the use of plastics.” he continued.

Renewable, recyclable, and carbon-neutral Pure-Pak cartons

Beverage cartons have solid environmental credentials when matched with alternatives such as plastic bottles. For example, even with a standard cap, studies have revealed that in the matter of UHT milk, cartons result in 70.7% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and in the event of fresh milk, 83.6% less Greenhouse Gas emanations in connection to disposable PET bottles. 

The Elopak supplies renewable, recyclable, and carbon-neutral Pure-Pak cartons. In addition, the new Pure-TwistFlip cap can be combined with any existing Pure-Pak carton to give an initial Elopak packaging solution that prioritizes the environment, customer convenience, and protection. The innovation is supposed to launch on the market in Autumn 2021.

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The Elopak already offers customers various sustainability-focused innovations such as Natural Brown Board cartons that are renewable, recyclable, and have a deeper carbon footprint per carton due to decreased wood consumption and decreased bleaching method.

Carton without cap

The Elopak also allows cartons without a cap. The Pure-Pak Imagine is a new version of the company’s original Pure-Pak carton started in June 2020. Designed with a new easy-open feature, it includes 46 percent less plastic and is 100 percent forest-based.

A UN Global Compact participant, the Elopak has been carbon neutral since 2016 and in 2019 was one of these leading companies in the world to formally pledge to cut Greenhouse Gas (GHG) releases in line with criteria set by the Science Based Targets initiative aimed at stopping the global medium temperature rise below 1.5C.

LCA Result

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was conducted by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) in 2018. The study examined 1-liter beverage cartons with commercially prepared disposable and reusable systems in the German market, including glass and PET packaging. In addition, the complete life cycle of all market-relevant packaging was viewed.

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