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Source: Reifenhäuser

The flatness characteristics of the blown film represent a crucial role in its processing performance. It matters particularly tricky if a film produced from PE -polyethylene, for instance – meant to combine with another substrate. In standard processes, typical sagging and flatness defects can challenge as a consequence of the necessary lamination.

Flat films
Here it is EVO Ultra Flat haul-off, available since 2016, gives a remedy. The haul-off system allows the manufacture of significantly plane films, as the film expanded and flattened when its extra heat is still above 50°C. It provides outstanding, energy-efficient flatness results that make secondary processing more comfortable. Flatter films produce higher finishing rates, need less adhesive in the lamination method, and decrease the edge trimming by improved curvature shape. The resources saved not only enhance economic efficiency but also promoted sustainability.
Automatically optimized during production 
EVO Ultra Flat increases the flatness of layering and barrier films by up to 40% and reduces bulging by up to 90%. 
The measuring unit accurately shows the topography of the excellent film web in series to set the best production parameters. “Every manufacturer had to depend on the expertise and accuracy of its production engineers. By evolving the laser measurement system, offer the customers more method reliability notwithstanding of the operator. 
The film topography that small adjustments with laser precision represent a new property: you can regularly trust on blown film process with the Ultra Flat label. “Manufacturers can gain a crucial competitive edge as a result,” added Eugen Friedel.


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