New Moisture Resistant Coating for Corrugated fiberboard

The leading-edge material gives you an option that delivers a high level of moisture resistance packaging needs. Importantly, you can pack the fruit and vegetables while wet, frozen food, raw meat and wet containers and cans without concern for damaging the corrugated fibreboard.

Secondly, the versatile AcmeGUARD corrugated fiberboard coating presents an anti-scuff surface when providing high-quality finishes that require an extra level of protection during shipping and handling.

Acme’s commitment to environmental sustainability makes AcmeGUARD® the responsible choice as a fully recyclable corrugated product. The process with your regular corrugated waste.

There will be no issue on the printed content (flexo-printing) looks the same. And also tapes and labels will adhere to the outside of corrugated fiberboard without a problem. AcmeGUARD coating substances shield the contents inside the box. On the outside, corrugated fiberboard looks and feel like conventional boxes and can be handled and prepared the same way. 

AcmeGUARD coating advantages:

  • High moisture resistance inside of the corrugated fiberboard
  • Feels and behaves like the high-quality box
  • Suitable for direct contact food. The food will not stick like Meats, cheese, butter, and other fatty foods.
  • It is the replacement of wax-coated materials in many cases; significant cost savings possible.
  • Fully recyclable, just like regular box materials
  • Both type of fiber material compatible like Kraft or White liner (outside).

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