Transport Worthiness Packaging by DS Smith for RENZ

Offices, copy shops, and printing companies around the globe use them: and the post-printing like punching, binding, and covering systems from RENZ. Since April of this year, the worldwide leader has been providing its high-quality RING WIRE goods line in packaging that is as sustainable as it is secure in status. The heart of the innovative solution is the corrugated fiberboard box separators created by DS Smith
The inserts substitute the plastic blister that been using before. It saves the material and space, suitable to pack and adaptable in use. The intelligent design made of the 100% corrugated fiberboard assures more performance and sustainability along the whole supply cycle at RENZ. It has the brand identity with logo and claims, the separators reliably for transport worthiness and brand assurance.

In addition, high transport worthiness safety, the DS Smith solution assures greater sustainability and lessen costs. Also, reduced transport and warehouse space assistant to protect the environment and resources. The new packaging enables pallets to use in the most effective way feasible. Even though clients can further readily decompose the corrugated fiberboard as compare to the blisters. 

The new innovative thought shows its advantages in terms of performance also during the packaging process. DS Smith provides both overpack and inlay already pre-glued in a flattened way. 

At RENZ, production facilities the man, and machine work hand in hand. Joint working with robot forms the overpack. The employee puts the inserts manually in the box and arranges them with the needed wire binding combs.

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