Liquibox introduces a revolutionary line of sustainable bag-in-box solutions

Source: LiquiBox

Liquipure, the latest sustainable product family from Liquibox, offered customers high-quality packaging solutions that meet recyclability demands without compromising performance.

The Liquipure present consists of mono-material bag-in-box solutions that align with global design guidelines for flexible packagings, such as Ellen MacArthur Foundation, CEFLEX, and Association of Plastics Recyclers.

By appropriating the newest in excellent resin technology, Liquibox, a global leader in flexible packaging and managing, designed a never-before-seen flexible bag for liquids that presents outstanding barrier properties, out the necessity for nylon or metPET, expressing it can be recycled.

The portfolio holds options for both barrier and non-barrier requirements. Liquipure lite is an all-polyethylene formation suitable for liquid products that do not need an oxygen barrier, before-mentioned as dairy or edible oil. While this is not an innovation, Liquibox understands the rebranding of their classic dairy film as a component of the Liquipure family highlights the important sustainability benefits their dairy customers have experienced for years within the use of the Liquibox all-PE bags.

Early this spring, Liquibox plans to launched Liquipure ultra, a revolutionary mono-material solution for liquids that require a medium to the high barrier, comparable to the nylon options currently used beverages such as post-mix, juice, and water. It would be the start recycle-ready bag for bag-in-box in the market for those product applications.

“Customers no longer have to pick between packaging that meets sustainability purposes and packaging that provides consistent product protection. the Liquipure is the clarification for companies who need that all sustainability and high-quality performance.”
-Ken Swanson, Liquibox President, and CEO

Excellent for e-commerce, retail, and foodservice applications, the Liquipure present is available in different bag sizes to fit customer requirements. The Liquipure lite is already offered in dairy markets everywhere the world. The Liquipure ultra will be commercially launched in the U.S. in the coming weeks. It will be available to European customers later in 2021. The Liquibox team plans to extend the offering to produce innovative structures incorporating bio-based material and post-consumer content.

Liquipure supports Liquiboxs broader commitment to deliver packaging ready for the future by decreasing the amount of material needed and ensuring packaging appears recyclability guidelines. Liquibox is excited to share its progress towards an aggressive set of sustainability goals in its initial Sustainability report, released in 2021.

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