UV barrier for thin transparent food packaging by Tosaf launches

Tosaf’s recently developed barrier solution UV9389PE EU provides that transparent packaging films show a high blocking effect against UV radiation in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 380 nm, consistent at low thickness. 

Thus, this additive efficiently safeguards foods from discoloration and vitamin and flavour loss due to the diminishing effects of artificial light exposure during storage, transit, and on the shopping shelf. In this way, Tosaf’s new UV blocker contributes to the prevention of food wastage due to early spoilage.

Unlike traditional mineral-based products of this type, the optical properties, especially the transparency of films finished with UV9389PE EU, are nearly entirely retained. Further benefits are the high efficiency, even at very low dosages, and the minimal effects on the behavior during production and other processing of the films, including printing and lamination. 

The example of a 50 μm thick polyethylene film shows the high efficiency of the UV blocker UV9389PE EU already at low dosage. © Tosaf

The scope of applications advances beyond foodstuffs to other industrial film applications where the protection of sensitive goods from UV radiation is needed.

The new UV blocker UV9389PE EU complements Tosaf’s broad portfolio of stabilizer masterbatches to maximize resistance against UV light. Their applications range from agricultural films to stretch, shrink, and industrial packaging and big bags (FIBC). 

They also cover injection molded parts, extruded pipes and sheets, fibers and nonwovens, roofing membranes, and many others.

Beyond UV blockers, Tosaf’s portfolio includes other additives that can contribute to greater sustainability, including antioxidants, moisture and odor absorbers, flow improvers, and chain extenders.

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