A special ultra-high barrier film for Wine Packaging

Famous Croatian winery, Dobra Barba, has seen continuous growth and excellent sales results with a unique, innovative Bag-in-Box packaging for Wine. Inspired by enthusiasm and ambition to attempt something creative to the market, Dobra Barba has requested Rapak, part of DS Smith Plastics, to cooperate on producing the environmentally friendly packaging solution that prolongs the shelf life of mulled wine.

Dobra Barbas Christmas Mulled Wine is Now Available in Bag-in-Box Packaging!

To match the client’s needs, Rapak has introduced the 3L & 10L flexible wine containers to be used in the Bag-in-Box packaging and mulled wine heaters. The Bag-in-Box solution satisfies the growing industry demands for effective and sustainable alternatives to glass bottles, securing the decrease of product waste and increasing the product shelf life after its opening.

It immediately noticed due to its high-quality wine and eye-catching Bag-in-Box packaging design. Quickly after the product introduction, the 3L Bag-in-Box mulled wine packaging has won the Red Dot Design Award for its innovative and smart design concept.

Key Features of Bag-in-Box

Related to glass bottles, Bag-in-Box for wine is a better option

Product shelf life and protection

Least contact with air at any point ensures:

  • Extended product shelf life after opening
  • Decrease the chance of contamination

Warehouse & Logistics

  • 80% less area with empty (foldable)
  • 45% less area when complete (stackable)
  • 20% energy savings while transportation due to lightweight


  • Hygienic filling, shift and dispensing
  • User-friendly dispensing and durable packaging
  • Secure bulk transportation and opening choices
  • Easy to dispose

Sustainable alternative

  • 100% recyclable box
  • 60% low carbon footprint


  • Meager investment cost
  • Total Cost of Purchasing savings

Rapak gives a broad range of barrier film technologies to preserve your wine against UV light and oxidation. Flexible comprise EVOH with PE, MET PET with PE, and New Oxygen Scavenging system in 1.5L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, and custom quantities. All films are EU and FDA approved for direct food contact and free from phthalates, heavy metals, and Bisphenol-A.

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