The special reusable beer and soft drink cup by Berry Superfos

Quality beer and soft beverages deserve the best quality grade cup. If you think that to be true and are scrutinizing reusable beverage cups, look at the latest SuperCup – a sturdy, washable, stackable, and recyclable cup that should include your logo as the final touch.

Berry Superfos has introduced the SuperCup, a game-changer in the reusable beer and soft beverage cup market. It delivers a lightweight cup that is both washable and stackable; it can also be attractively customized with your branding.

The SuperCup is suited for cultural, social, and business events where beer and soft drinks are served. Just hold your event, collect the SuperCups afterward and rinse them off. And, without additional ado, they are prepared for your next event.

In this track, the SuperCup will limit the number of single-use cups being thrown away after events.

Lighter than the rest

The SuperCup is at least 30% more lightweight than the market average for reusable beer cups despite its sturdiness.

It is created from recyclable PP, constructing recycling possible and comfortable after final use, although it is mainly intended for reuse time and time again.

Produced with recycled materials.

If you examine a circular packaging solution, the SuperCup is also a fantastic choice. Berry Superfos can have the cup with polypropylene (PP) made from recycled plastic with the exact quality as virgin materials.

Berry Superfos establishments throughout Europe hold the required ISCC PLUS certification. This certificate provides credible claims for circular materials and traceability throughout the chain of custody based on mass balance. Please be conscious that your production facility will need an ISCC PLUS certificate if you want to use recycled material for beverage cups.

Excellent marketing opportunities

The SuperCup has a recognizable “beer” structure, completing it ideal for branding logos or notifications with our In-Mould Labelling. This suggests it is especially suited for brewers, soft drink makers, beverage distributors, and advertisers as a marketing tool for customer occasions. Its sturdiness even shows its value to people who order beer cups.

The SuperCup is in two sizes: 25 cl for small beers and soft drinks and 50 cl for large beers and soft beverages. From the standard SuperCup variety, you can select either a neutral cup or a customized one with your logo and other details attractively printed on the surface of the cup. You can opt for using In-Mould Labelling (IML) in four colors or offset in six different colors.

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