PeelGrid® – a breakthrough in lidding foil for the medical packaging

Peelgrid innovative lidding foil, innovative lidding foil
Huhtamaki PeelGrid introduced a creative solution for sterile packaging in the medical and health care sectors. It offers a new grid varnish coating for which the patent is pending.
PeelGrid innovative lidding foil
PeelGrid can be used both as a pouch material and a lidding film. The lidding material is Toluene-free, gives cost-saving potential, and enhanced processability. The product also with improved hot tack. It can seal with various film like PE, PP, PET as well as PVC.
Huhtamaki’s global supplier facilitates a supply of PeelGrid and a similar type of sealing films from various locations to shorten delivery hours and ensure delivery agreement.”
The outcome meets the current requirement of sterilizable varnished grid paper, such as a microbiological barrier, fiber-free tearing features, and the inability to be resealed.
“Due to the high-grade sealing performance with a wide sealing range, PeelGrid® can be applied for various films and different packaging dimensions,” explains Armin Ullmann – Sales Manager (Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Company).



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