New 3D printing solutions launches by BASF China

BASF introduced a variety of innovative and cross-industry 3D printing solutions, and this will assist make the development of complicated parts faster and easier, enabling unique designs and offering mid-size to serial production more cost-efficient.

BASF provided solutions in 3 areas:
Powder Bed Fusion:- Ultrasint PA6 LM and Ultrasint PP plastic powders for particular laser sintering (SLS) technology used. Ultrasint PA6 LM can achieve high stiffness and thermal endurance close to the properties of injection-molded PA6 at treating temperatures of 175-185 degrees Celsius. BASF also offers a wide array of plastic powders, such as the Ultrasint PA6 families, Adsint PA12, PA11, & TPU.
Liquid Formulation Systems: Photopolymers created for SLA, DLP, and jetting systems proposed under the “Ultracur3D” brand. The products are developed for functional parts with improved mechanical properties, more high-grade long-term stability, and more comfortable printability and post-processing. Low viscose easy to clean photopolymers; for example, the dental application will be showcased in cooperation with SoonSolid (Xunshi Technology). BASF is also co-operating with the 3D printing solution provider HeyGears on the advancement of new photopolymers for mass production of industrial components and consumer goods.
Additive Extrusion Solutions:  Innofil3D, BASF is launching a range of Ultrafuse branded filaments. Ultrafuse and Innofil3D strengthened engineering filaments allow excellent properties, such as high temperature and chemical resistance, stability, and deficient moisture absorption – suggesting that they also can be used for functional prototyping and even small series production.

New 3D printing solutions launches by BASF China PackagingGURUji

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