Luxury potatoes packed in sustainable packaging

A plastic-reducing option to potato packaging was begun by Finnish Tuorekartano Oy when it newly launched its special potatoes in paperboard packaging. 

Tuorekartano Oy’s premium feature La Ratte potatoes will presently be packed in simply recyclable and biodegradable packaging composed of a lightweight and durable paperboard designed by Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group

The paperboard is ideally accommodated to protect the potatoes from damage and sunlight. The small package size will also assist in reducing food waste.

Source: Metsaboard

“Tuorekartano is a company committed to Agenda 2030 and Commitment 2050 and has set itself clear sustainability targets. Plastic-free packaging, such as La Ratte cartons, is part of these goals. We have already reduced the amount of plastic in our packaging materials by 25%,” says Kari Kastari, CEO of Tuorekartano Oy.

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The packaging comprises lightweight MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB paperboard, produced from pure fresh fibers and proper for direct contact with food. The dispersion coating of the board enhances the moisture and grease resistance of the board, and the packaging can be efficiently recycled and is also becoming for home composting.

“Environmental issues are important to us, which is why we are constantly improving our operations and production processes to make them more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the materials we use must be recyclable and suitable for food contact. Metsä Board’s paperboard meets our requirements both in terms of the environment and providing excellent printability,” says Kalle Hurttila, Production Director at Hurtti-Paino Oy, the producer of the La Ratte packaging.

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