Introduction of New Packaging for the Agro-Chemical Division

crop protection product, BASF innovates, JerryCan Container
Source: BASF

What’s the new packaging?

In daily workday, farmers require a perfect solution to use the product in the right way with the packaging. So, BASF innovates the solution for the Crop protection product.
BASF encourage and more efficient use of CCP – crop protection product.
New Features of the JerryCan Container:
  1. Top Center opening
  2. Poring without bubbling
  3. Faster pouring
  4. Complete empty
  5. Special Cap
  6. Integrated Seal in a closure
  7. Eliminate the wad seal
  8. Flexible handle
  9. Ergonomically design
  10. Easy to holding any position
  11. Embossed logo on the body
  12. Embossed dots for the prevention of labels during transit.



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