Find out the evaluation of Super Secure Packaging product

Packaging Technologists must constantly be thinking about which packaging has the most reliable, anti-counterfeit, and transportation worthiness packaging. 

This packaging that I will describe is based on my approach toward products in the market. But your experience may have better seen other packaging in the market. It depends on the user experience, which has completed all aspects of the criteria, but this decade, the standards description revolves around sustainability. 

So, I have chosen the packaging which can say robust in every aspect, such as dimensional, functional, performance, safety, security, user-friendly, customer awareness, recyclability, and product shelf life, i.e., Super Secure Packaging.

HP – Ink Packaging (Super Secure Packaging)

The packaging will explain how HP approached the issue of anti-theft, anti-counterfeit, leakage, transit blunder, and recyclability. 


Today will understand why HP Inkjet cartridges come with a seemingly Super Secure Packaging with any packaging materials.

Why is there so much packaging?

HP is committed to becoming customers who receive cartridges that work perfectly right out of the box. That is why the packaging incorporates so much more further than a box. The package has four principal functions:


Protecting a cartridge during transportation and handling against mishandling is the primary role of HP supplies packaging. The packaging shields from damage due to harsh handling or contamination. It needs to protect the ink from moisture loss and air ingestion and cover the whole cartridge from damage that would make ink leaks. HP engineers have examined temperature changes, air pressure changes, shaking, rough handling, and drops that cartridges may encounter when the cartridge leaves the factory to operate in a printer. HP does this data to design the package to work perfectly when first installed into a printer.

The right choice at purchase location

The growing competition requires HP inkjet cartridges to have a unique and recognizable look on retail shop shelves. The bevel-shaped combination gives HP a fantastic visual aid that helps users to select genuine HP products. The physical dimensions of the product package give space to print knowledge about the cartridge, the printer compatibility, the color, and more. All of those elements help assure that consumers can make the correct choice of the cartridge during shopping.

Shoplifting prevention

The HP ink cartridge has historically been a victim of shoplifters because of its high cost and small size. Due to high shoplifting levels, the goods are not always on display on the shelf or are sold in oversized PVC clamshells (large plastic, rigid shells placed over the paperboard boxes put on by the retailer/distributor). HP has created the package to assure that our consumers can find the cartridge on the shelf rather than locked away.


Indeed, there must be enough space on the packaging panels for information and communications. HP translates up to 80% of the information on the package into local languages for many nations, with up to eight languages per carton. It also utilizes this space for exclusive offers or promotions.

Why so many layers of packaging?

HP pledges to deliver cartridges that operate right out of the package. Cartridges are complicated systems of electrical circuits, mechanical components, and highly specific, extremely clean inks. These different system components require to be protected from becoming to the printer in a fully functional state, with no concern where they go in between. That is why cartridge packaging has so many layers.

The four significant packaging parts are listed below:

  • Paperboard boxes and sleeves — give a familiar appearance and display for the products, shoplifting security, and protection for products accidentally dropped, shaken, or tossed.
  • Pouches provide HP cartridges with a shelf life of at least 18 months from the time of production and shipping. They preserve the ink from absorbing air, creating bubbles that block the jets and limit water evaporation over time, leading to clogs or other print difficulties.
  • Plastic trays inside the pouch –If the shipping carton or single package is dropped, the tray guards the seams and corners of the cartridge against cracking due to shock. Without a tray, dropping an ink cartridge or a carton of cartridges would much more expect to damage, causing a failure to print or poor impression quality. It could result in cuts in the seams, creating leaks.
  • Inserts – contain essential information about correct installation, use, consumer notices, and new or additional offers from HP.

Why is an ink cartridge included in a rigid outer package?

HP usually gives them only when explicitly demanded by store management or establishing a special offer, such as a dual pack of cartridges. In some nations, warehouse or club-type stores need this additional plastic packaging on cartridges to have them in the shop due to their limited exposure capabilities and shoplifting deterrence.

HP combines this extra layer of plastic packaging when needed or requested by stores to have products ready for customers who prefer to buy in these shops. It is currently assessing alternative plastics and arrangements to mitigate the issues associated with these packages—it additional communication about these packages with the shop where the containers are sold. Also, most places have a store that offers the HP-supplied standard paperboard package.

Is the cartridge packaging recycled or made with recycled content?


The paperboard and inserts utilized in HP cartridge packaging can be converted in most municipal recycling programs. The polystyrene (PS) trays, which preserve the cartridge from handling, can only be recycled where special polystyrene(PS) recycling programs exist. The flexible pouches are a composite of several materials that give a vapor barrier to prevent the ink from drying out and not be recycled.

Recycled content

HP uses paperboard with recycled content for its monocarton with recycled content for its inserts wheresoever possible. The amount used differs from country to country due to the availability of the relevant materials.

Security Stickers 

Security stickers are used in diverse industries for security and branding purposes. Easy to apply, these hologram stickers are self-adhesive and tamper-evident. It can operate on various substrates to help protect, secure, and authenticate different items. Any tampering attempt may be apparent, as the stickers cannot be removed without destroying. Made with the latest technology, our hologram stickers are virtually impossible to duplicate or replicate. 

Instruction for the Usage

It is recommended that usage and storage temperatures limit printed on the carton itself from -20°C to 40°C. 

How to use the HP cartridge in the printer?

The perfect impression is available on the inside flap of the monocarton, and it can easy to understand the usage. 

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