Emballator launches reduced packaging with 30% less plastic

The new Emsense pot from Emballator has reduced plastics by approximately 30% and is 100% recyclable.

The new product series, Emsense, is a part of Emballators’ focus on reducing material in existing products.

“By reducing the plastic material with approximately 30%, compared to existing packaging, this is by far the lightest packaging in its category on the market today. Emsense is a game-changer for our customers when it comes to them reaching their sustainability goals”, says Richard Johansson, Marketing and Sales Manager at Emballator Lagan Plast.

Increased Impact resistance 

Beyond the lightweight features, the new container has increased the impact resistance, cold resistance and has a lower environmental impact on the whole manufacturing process, including transport. Thanks to reducing plastic, the Emsense container is reducing the total CO2 footprint by approximately 30% cradle to gate.

More Variety will come

Emsense is a lightweight complement to the HandySafe series, and more sizes will be launched shortly.

“The first two products launched in the series will enable saving fossil-based plastic with 102,34 tons than previous products. Emsense is also made of mono-material, making it easy to recycle and 100% recyclable”, says Magnus Gustafsson, R&D Manager at Emballator Lagan Plast.

The new product has been developed in collaboration between Emballator Lagan Plast and Emballator Innovation Center.

“We are proud of creating a low weight package for every customer with targets of less plastic used; this can help them reach their sustainability targets. We have not reduced the content in this packaging; we have optimized the package for volume. Our project aimed to launch the lightest plastic package for its use in the market today”, says Mats Jeppsson, Innovation Manager at Emballator Innovation Center.

The product series Emsense is perfect for food applications for the conscious consumer. The first two sizes in the Emsense family are a 485 ml packaging optimized for 400 grams and a 245 ml optimized for 200 grams for sauce or salad products, but Emsense is suitable for all types of food. 

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