Ametek mocon launches user-friendly and time-saving visual bubble leak detection instrument


AMETEK MOCON, a leading global provider of penetration analyzers, package testing apparatuses, and gas controllers/sensors, today declared the launch of the Dansensor LeakPointer H2O, a visual bubble leak disclosure system ideal for locating leaks in all types of flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid packages.

Dansensor LeakPointer H2O

The latest Dansensor LeakPointer H2O is used for packaging leak testing for MAP packaging and different packaging methods. It is designed for the food industry, wherever leak detection is critical to a product’s shelf life. Customers will quickly find the leak’s location necessary for solving packaging integrity issues and protecting brand reputation.

Notwithstanding whether a package has headspace like transformed atmosphere packages or different packaging schemes with small or no headspace such as vacuum or covering packaging, the Dansensor LeakPointer H2O can pinpoint tiny cells with high precision.

Durable and more convenient

“With the latest Dansensor LeakPointer H2O, testing for packaging honesty is more durable and more convenient,” says Steen Andreasen, Commodity Manager at MOCON Europe A/S. “What is more further, with the new LeakPointer H2O, you can even test despite the gas mixture within the package, which improves its applicability. Use the arbitrary digital pressure meter to ensure proper testing, even on difficult packages.”

As demanded with Dansensor’s approach to product design, the device is ergonomically designed for operator safety and convenience. The LeakPointer H2O is designed so operatives can avoid significant lifting, reduce muddy water dripping through usage, and simplify troublesome cleaning methods. In all cases, it saves time and develops the experience of excising the instrument daily.

Complying – ASTM D3078

Complying with the ASTM D3078 measure, the instrument appoints and drains water by appropriating a vacuum generated from compressed air. Attach this a mounted hydraulic lid (which reduces messy dripping), a detachable and easily cleanable tub, and a quick-release hose to fill and remove the tub without heavy lifting. You have yourself an instrument created for the benefit of the operative.

Andreasen says: “The Dansensor LeakPointer H2O is the excellent addition to your quality control process. It can be used alone or complete the ultimate leak detection solution, and it can be connected with the Dansensor LeakPointer 3 or LeakPointer 3+. To do so, the head concludes if there is a leak with a non-destructive leak test on the LeakPointer 3, then uses the LeakPointer H2O to find the leak’s exact location. This will decrease trash and save money by evading product line batch errors.”

Communicate AMETEK MOCON to learn more extra about the product. Tick here to learn more about the Dansensor LeakPointer H2O leak discovery instrument, including a complete list of product characteristics, technical specifications, and a description of how it works.

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