Compostable and Water-resistant dishware launched by Novolex

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Source: Novolex and Eco-products

Eco-Products, a Novolex™ brand and accredited B Corp, is a leading provider of foodservice packaging manufactured from renewable and recycled resources.

Eco-Products allows packaging with real environmental advantages, works with consumers to promote composting and recycling, and cooperates with the more extensive industry to move how businesses and customers think about and control waste. 
The company’s aim is zero-waste and forced to use an eco-product as good for the environment. 
Eco-Products, a NovolexTM brand, is extending its Regalia™ line of foodservice ware. The best part is to highlight new soak-proof, compostable half pans and lids. It is perfect for restaurants, caterers, and others to endeavor innovative dishware and sustainable solutions for their events.
Compostable dishware
The bottom part of serving ware is made with sugarcane, bamboo, i.e., plant-based material and lined with PLA (Polylactic acid). Wholly designed to keep protection against the leak. It is accessible in one-, two- and four-section and sizes, with a compostable dishware lid that fits all of the pans.
Among the many specialties of the new Regalia brand half pans :
  • Made from plant-based material – sugarcane, a quickly renewable resource;
  • Compostable and Water-resistant dishware
  • Oil resistant due lined with PLA 
  • Leakproof dishware
  • Use as a Microwave and freezer purpose
  • No issue with a hot or cold drink
  • Designed to give strength
  • Compile the ASTM D6868 standards for compostability;
  • Allow to lock tabs for an extra secure lid fit;
  • Available in a natural bagasse (sugar cane) color.


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