100% recycled bottle launched by SC Johnson

100% recycled bottle launched by SC Johnson-PackagingGURUji

SC Johnson announces 100% recycled ocean plastic in the leading household brand for Windex brand home cleaning.
The company is a committed to overcoming the difficulty of plastic waste in our oceans; So, SC Johnson has taken the initiate to stated that it would drive the industry’s first product to go ahead with 100 percent recycled ocean plastic in a home cleaning brand.

“With over 5 trillion of plastic trash in the ocean, situations are continuing to get dangerous, and worse,” said Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson. “The Windex bottle providing the solutions to resist ocean waste but also taking an effort to make these solutions an actuality.”

First ever, the new product is made from 100 percent recycled ocean plastic, and it is also non-toxic and cruelty-free for the world’s first glass cleaner bottle.



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