First-of-this-kind verified Carbon Trust Label by UPM Rafaltac RAFNXT+

Its holistic strategy to sustainability UPM Raflatac submits solutions that assist customers and brand owners in reaching beyond their sustainability aims. UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+ label, label material confirmed by the Carbon Trust, an international body working to diminish carbon footprint. Matched to the company’s standard range, it supports companies to overcome the carbon emission and mitigate climate change.

Businesses are seeing tangible solutions to take concrete actions on climate change. Through our RAFNXT+ label range, we require to serve our customers and brand owners expand their businesses, not their carbon footprint,” says Mauri Suomela, Senior VP, Paper Laminates, UPM Raflatac.
Optimized product design is the origin of sustainable packaging. Due to its more intelligent use and variety of natural resources, UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+ allows superior carbon performance compared to UPM Raflatac’s standard limit. RAFNXT+ paper label substances sourced from sustainably managed FSC® certified forests (FSC®-C012530). The use of less raw materials, energy and water, and produces less waste throughout its lifecycle corresponded to standard labels. Thus, UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+ can add to affirmative action on climate change.
UPM Raflatac is adopting a science-based strategy to quantify the definite impression that can achieve by choosing RAFNXT+. Instead of regular label materials, including carbon footprint reduction and the forests’ improved capacity to eliminate carbon. It verified by the Carbon Trust and is following international greenhouse gas accounting standard PAS2050.  
“We are happy to consult UPM Raflatac producing new product varieties to serve their customers. And to reduce the carbon impact of their complete packaging. Through their dedication to complete product footprinting, they are giving a high level of transparency concerning the impact of their product ranges.” Hugh Jones, MD of Business Services, Carbon Trust. 
The RAFNXT+ range is becoming for a wide variety of applications, including retail, packaged food, transportation, and logistics label uses. It allows businesses an opportunity to take affirmative climate action through a smart selection of label material.

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