Banana design can be an idea for medication expiry

According to experts, medication never goes wrong. Ever. (And they would be wrong.) The truth is, knowing when the medicine is made, and the expiry, safe to ingest is necessary.

Currently, packaging contributes more confusion than clues. Label’s information are overcrowded, difficult to read and understand. Attempting to find essential safety information is difficult.
Have bananas given us a few simple ideas?
Bananas are the perfect reference of design wisdom. Those elongated, pleasant yellow semi-circles betray signs of readiness for eating (ripeness) or imminent decay. Why couldn’t over-the-counter and prescription drug packaging do the same? Consumers could vividly and intuitively recognize when the medicine is no longer reliable to take.
Save money. Save medicine. Just mind the spots.


Vihaan Nagal

संवेष्टन अभियान्ता | Packaging Engineer | Verpackung Ingenieur *Free time blogger *Believe in packaging reform (say naa to orthodox packaging) My life lies between degradable and non-degradable material.

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