Nude packaging is going to be a futuristic sustainable option

Corona pandemic has had a severe effect on recyclability and sustainability research due to lockdown everywhere on earth. Every day is significant for doing the recyclability, and halt makes it impossible to achieve the objective. So, many companies came with exceptional creative ideas like nude packaging. 

Nude Packaging for Water packaging

In many places in the world, when a plastic bottle ends up in a recycling plant, the label stick to it usually isn’t recycled. And Evian made it possible to design the bottle in such a way to eliminate the label, with the brand name and other features carved into the bottle itself.

Features of Nude packaging

The bottle has made it without a label, can have the features on the embossed form. The advantage of being label-free is that the new bottle is a circular packaging solution for a futuristic approach, meaning there is no waste. All plastic is kept in the economy.

We, Packaging Technologists, aim to become a fully “circular” economy to make all of its bottles from 100% recycled plastic. Ultimately, it requires every bottle it makes to end up back in the recycling system in a closed loop.

Why is it better? 

Suppose a unit packaging is made with “n” number of plastic and all the plastic required to recycle with their specific curbside recycling methodology. It means 2 or 3 different recycling programs needed to recycle, such as separating glued labels from the bottle, closure, and bottle recycling.

Generally, the label material is made with the PVC and BOPP labels, and it needs gravure printing to print all the information.

Why no labels designed?  

The activity involved in the labeling process generates the plastic at the supplier end and then goes to the printing process and then comes to the user industry for the further process. It does in producing a more carbon footprint. 

While labels are technically recyclable, some types of equipment don’t have the facilities to handle it; others don’t bother. The labels can be disposed of or used to produce energy, and This is a difficulty that we as a brand are continually working on resolving.

Eliminating the label wasn’t a simple process. 

The company had to ensure that the packaging met quality and safety standards as it found a new way to form bottles. The logo is engraved when the plastic is included in the shape of a bottle inside a mold. 

Evian will distribute the label-free bottle (nude packaging) in select hotels, restaurants, and hospitality venues. The brand says it’s a sustainable solution for e-commerce, where there’s no need for barcode labeling.

Nude packaging is on the next level – Moldintec’s No Label bottle

The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, except the cap. It can be co-building effective, efficient, and inclusive systems for collection and recycling with local governments across our different markets.

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