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LINDAL Group wins FEA award for Bag-and-Bag technology (BAB) 2020

Aerosol dispensing leaders, the LINDAL Group, have received the FEA Packaging Element Design award for their patent-protected Bag-and-Bag technology (BAB).

Two Chamber – Two formulations

Using place virtually this year, the FEA Global Aerosol Awards 2020 featured records from across the aerosol industries, including LINDAL’s BAB technology. Bag and Bag technology contains a pressurized packaging system comprising two chambers inside the same can, presenting its different capacity to package and distribute two incompatible formulations in the equivalent pack.

Bi-Power Valve with actuator technology

The point where the two product mix occurs at the time of use, within the dispensing method, or after application, depending on the end-user demands and the actuator technology implemented.
One of the essential differentiators with LINDAL’s Bag and Bag technology is using a centralized Bi-Power Valve alternatively of two separate stems. This dismisses the need to orientate the can during the stuffing process and allows present facilities to be used with limited adjustments.
Customers also benefit because the central stem allows an equitable distribution of the two formulas as, during use, the force is applied more evenly, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Bag-and-Bag (BAB) technology

The FEA panel explained the reason for LINDAL’s award, stating: ‘The LINDAL Bag-and-Bag (BAB) technology is very complicated to do work properly. Two incompatible formulations can be immediately filled through a centered Bi-power valve instead of two separate stems. The flow restriction is maintained in the actuator and not in the device. It can work with any container material, but formulations could look very fashionable and futuristic in original containers.’

Vertical Market 

Within BAB, brands within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, technical, and food and beverage market sections can be more creative with product packaging and offer more excellent dispensing options for customers with products that may have traditionally needed far great application expertise at the duration of use. for an example of this is with a hair dye application where two products typically packaged in two separate containers and mixed manually by the customer can now be packaged together with BAB.

Bag and Bag benefits

Onward with its unique benefits, BAB also incorporates traditional BOV (Bag-on-Valve) characteristics, including sealed packaging, extended shelf-life, connected dispensing, an overall improved user experience, and a 96-98% evacuation rate depending on product viscosity. Also, BAB opens opportunities for new applications as it allows products that have initially been and are mainly designed for non-aerosols to be used with aerosols.
Kashif Choudhry, Group Marketing Manager for LINDAL, added: “We are fascinated that BAB has been classified as the most innovative packaging element by the FEA. It has famously achieved the ambition of mixing two products just before or during use construction that marks a new and interesting chapter in the aerosol industry. BAB’s agreement with compressed air makes it sustainable, dependable, and easy to use for customers.”

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