Ampacet Presents OdorClear™: Odor-absorbing Masterbatches with Powerfull spectrum

Ampacet, an international masterbatch leader, has expanded the OdorClear™ range of creative odor-absorbing masterbatches developed to optimize the usage of post-consumer recycled material.

Odor Scavanger Resin

Post-consumer recycled plastics usually display a strong odor due to contaminants or residual contents, such as food, detergent, inks, and adhesives, adulterated during the recycling process. Unpleasant odors can specify the amount of recycled plastic used in new plastic items, affecting consumer perceptions of product and brand quality.

Introduced initially as Odor Scavenger, the newly-expanded spectrum of powerful wide-spectrum masterbatches minimizes odors of post-consumer recycled materials and maintains them enclosed inside the polymer, which permits converters to boost packaging recycled content. OdorClear outperforms traditional inorganic odor scavenging solutions, allowing increased use of post-consumer resins to keep the circular economy. 

OdorClear masterbatches are developed for benefit with a broad spectrum of recycled polymers and can be specially formulated for injection and blow molding, film, and additional extrusion processes.

Ampacet OdorClear is also utilized in hybrid with other Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions products, including ThermProtect™, BlueEdge™, and ReVive™, to minimize thermal degradation and color inconsistency product uniformity that may occur with the use of high quantities of recycled material.

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