Amcor design clear PET bottles for Dairy Products

Amcor unveils customers from Latin America are more attracted to natural dairy packaging that indicates freshness and premium quality.
Dairy companies frequently have PET bottles that give sturdiness and let customers see dairy goods before they buy them.

In Brazil, beginning dairy brand Letti is the first to choose clear 1L PET containers for its Lettico-A2 fermented milk commodities. These custom bottles made solely for Letti by Amcor, substitute the conventional white, opaque high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers that have controlled the market.

New bottle & the cap system, Amcor has removed the option of foil seal barrier (typically in HDPE bottles) and continued with a screw cap to communicate stability.

The 1L PET bottle also highlights an optimized base for enhanced bottle structure. Wall thickness of bottle sections helps to avoid deformation, improve the drop endurance, and the use of heat-shrink labels without the need for horizontal ribs in the bottle design. The bottle holds a 38-mm finish and an ultraviolet (UV) blocker.


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