First premium wine bottle made from 100% recycled PET released in the US

Amcor Rigid Packaging (ARP) is enthusiastic to partner with Ron Rubin Winery to launch BLUE BIN, the first premium wine packaged in a 750mL bottle of 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) plastic.

PET permits BLUE BIN’s bottles to have many environmental advantages corresponding to standard wine packaging, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and further environmental impacts.

Also, PET wine bottles are lighter and shatterproof, permitting wine enthusiasts to enjoy BLUE BIN at places they previously may not have been capable of, including at the beach, by the pool, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Glass bottles account for 30% percent of wine’s carbon footprint – the single most significant environmental impact across the product’s value chain. A wine bottle made from PET is 85% lighter than glass and has one-third of the Greenhouse Gas emissions.

In pursuit of a planet-friendly option that allows consumers to enjoy the wine they love with less environmental impact, Ron Rubin Winery conducted a two-year assessment of wine packaging to develop a premium wine for eco-conscious wine lovers. The BLUE BIN bottles feature Plasmax technology, a thin glass layer preventing the wine from ever touching the rPET, fully protecting the taste and quality.

“Plasmax is a thin, glass-like oxygen barrier inside the bottle. This protective barrier holds the wine, while the PET bottle holds the shape,” says Jonathan Jarman, Amcor Rigid Packaging marketing manager for spirits and wine. “This is truly a transformational moment for the North American wine market, ushering in an era where the product’s sustainable packaging is valued and celebrated as deeply as the product itself. We are proud to work with Ron and his team to bring BLUE BIN to customers nationwide.”

BLUE BIN is produced and bottled by Ron Rubin Winery, a company with a long history of bottling sustainable, premium wine. The BLUE BIN name is a nod to where the recycled material comes from to produce the 100% rPET bottle.

For over 30 years, Ron Rubin Brands has been driven by a desire to leave the world a better place with beverages that carry certifications as a testament to their mission. Ron Rubin Winery is a SIP-Certified (Sustainability in Practice) brand, Certified by California Sustainable Vineyard & Winery, and one of only thirty-three Certified B Corporation wineries worldwide.

BLUE BIN is available now in four 2022 vintage varietals: Vin Rosé, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

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