Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy s10 smartphone with Eco-Friendly Packaging

A great initiative was taken by Samsung Electronics, implemented the Galaxy S10 phone with simple, eco-friendly packaging that uses environmentally sustainable materials instead of plastics films and vinyl.
The phone carton and inner packaging have been re-structured to diminish their environmental footprint and consume fewer resources. For example, whereas earlier devices’ packaging incorporated a box-covering sleeve, a holder tray, and a bottom box, the Samsung Galaxy S10 used just the bottom box. The smartphones’ packaging made up of an all-in-one pulp mold that optimal use of space for devices and their accessories.
Additional eco-friendly inner packing contains replacing plastic ties with paper-based materials and furnishing the smartphones’ chargers with a matte – willingly than glossy – so, it doesn’t need a plastic wrap film.
Samsung Electronics has a commitment to its increasing utilization of eco-friendly packaging materials in its smartphone devices’ packaging. And this year, with the Galaxy S10 phone, the company began its first plastic-free packaging design.
Check out the infographic below for the packaging material used:

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy s10 smartphone- PackagingGURUji


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