Unboxing the unbelievable phone case packaging of the smartphone – Legion

Innovative Mobile Phone Packaging

Maybe you haven’t heard the name of Legion, but you must be aware of the Lenovo brand. The Legion is the gaming category smartphone of the Lenovo brand.

As per Gizchina described, the mobile phone presented up in a first unboxing video, also republished from the Sparrows News YouTube channel. In the footage included, we see an incredibly exciting cell phone case packaging since it offers a futuristic look and opens concurrently in three parts, both on the sides and in front. 
However, if you watch the video closely, you notice that the device is placed face down, so what comes out is the back cover. 
The smartphone opening trend – holds it, and it automatically inner box comes down with the smartphone weight. So, no external release force or accessories required to open the phone case packaging. 
But Legion has distinguished the phone case packaging and their opening. Incredibly because just one tab and blow it other parts automatically and appear the smartphone. 
It is designed from the ground up for gamers; the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel plays like a mobile gaming console with unique virtual tools. The gaming capacities and an optimized battery is enduring up to a full day of average smartphone usage. Get the complete functionality, ergonomic feel, and pocket portability of mobile without the chunky controls. Its practical joystick and dual ultrasonic trigger switches are fixed, and dual vibration engines produce life-like feedback for deeper gameplay immersion.
Watch the best Unboxing Video of this smartphone:

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