New PCR Dip Tube for Industrial Aerosols & Household Cleaning Products Pack by TekniPlex

TekniPlex Consumer Products is excited to inform the launch of its new PCR Dip Tube in Europe. This innovative product is ideal for industrial aerosol and household cleaning applications. The PCR Dip Tube’s unique design offers superior performance and durability. We are confident that this product will revolutionize the aerosol and cleaning industry.

TekniPlex Consumer Products has presented a new PCR dip tube in European demand that can produce up to 100% PCR content depending on customer requirements.

The ProTecFlow dip tube is an ideal option for use in industrial and household cleaning product applications. Made from recycled materials, it shows a decreased environmental impact corresponding to dispensing tubing products made from virgin materials. Yet it still keeps the same high-quality performance features.

Consumers are increasingly calling on brand owners to provide more eco-friendly products and packaging,” said Dirk De Mulder, sales director for the liners business in Europe and Asia.

The production of dip tubing using virgin materials is an energy-intensive process. However, using PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials to make the dip tube reduces both natural resource usage and overall environmental impact. ProTecFlow is an illustration of our dedication to keeping a circular economy model.

TekniPlex has debuted a new dip tube at its establishments in Belgium and Italy. The business starts the high-quality PCR resin it operates for the tube from a local EU supplier and intends to ensure a local supplier in the U.S. to provide the international availability of the PCR ProTecFlow dip tube.

“We are performing with local suppliers to lower our environmental impact and shrink lead times for consumers,” said De Mulder.

In addition, the local supplier delivers a consistent supply of high-quality resin, ensuring that we can consistently offer our promise of quality and security.

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