The latest innovation we neglected in the PET bottle

The market is trending PET bottle innovation is with the low weight of a bottle. Industries want as low as possible; they want to make the lesser bottle weight. Of course, it will reduce costs and increase sustainability. But what about the performance parameter of the bottle when it goes in the market. And when people hold in hand and thinks about the brand image. During the holding of that bottle also be problematic. 
The bottle seems to squeeze on the retails shelf because of less thickness of the PET bottle. So, what’s the latest trend in the market?

Every problem has a solution…

We need to analyze the problem and re-think the solution parameters to increase the performance of the bottle. The market used to fill the product in the PET bottle and cap it. The lowest weight in the market for 1L, and it measures as lower as 15.9 grams. That saves not only plastic and costs but also greenhouse gases during logistic to retailers. At first look, less grams per bottle might not look like a lot.

The latest innovation in PET bottle

But few companies find a unique solution to overcome the issue to compensate for the lower weight of the PET bottle. They fill the MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) with the pressure and close it tightly with closure. It makes the bottle a little bulged out and feels like it’s a hard bottle with a higher thickness PET bottle. This new innovative packaging solves many issues to resolve during logistic like leakages, bulging, cracking, stacking, etc.

Logistic issues resolved with less weight of PET bottle

Also, solved another issue post logistic like the bottle straight on-retail shelf and sturdy feel in the customer’s hand. The leakages will detect on-line, and it will not go to the further supply chain. It will solve the leakages due to tilted capping, less torque capping, and other capping issues.
MAP with pressurized filling
This innovation seems that this MAP packaging is only in the water packaging bottle. And we are waiting for the other product packaging like oil, beverages, milk packaging.

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