The new innovative technology of the Future of Food Delivery, Ensure Fresh and Crisp in Transit

The ultimate international food service distribution firm, Sysco Corporation, declared an exclusive partnership to deliver SAVRpak’s patented food preservation technology to independent and regional chain restaurants nationally. 

Delivery Food Packaging

Through their contract, Sysco will add SAVRpak “freshness packs” to its Cutting Edge Solutions platform, making this technology instantly available to order.

Innovation by Aerospace engineer

Designed by an aerospace engineer, SAVRpak is an icy, peel-and-stick patch that extracts moisture from the air of a food container, thereby maintaining it away from the meal and assuring hot and cold food stays fresh and crisp in transit.

“We are very keen to show SAVRpak to Sysco’s clients through the Cutting Edge Solutions platform,” said Judy Sansone, Sysco executive vice president, and chief commercial officer. “Takeout meals will persist in being an essential offering for restaurants, and this new technology will sustain our clients’ success by providing that meals supplied through takeout, delivery, or curbside travel well and taste the same as dine-in.”

Plant-Based Solution – Delivery Packaging

SAVRpak’s paper and plant-based solution utilizes no chemicals and is anticipated to obtain biodegradable certification after this year. SAVRpak was called the 2021 P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge winner and Best Sustainable Packaging in the 2021 World Food Innovation Awards.

“The collaboration with Sysco is a game-changer for SAVRpak,” said Greg Maselli, co-founder, and co-CEO of SAVRpak. “Sysco’s outstanding distribution network will allow us to get our food preservation technology into the hands of restaurant operators around the nation and transform the method they serve takeout and delivery food.”

delivery packaging, delivery food packaging

For further details on SAVRpak, please contact your local Sysco sales counselor or the SAVRpak national broker representative of Key Impact Sales.

Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions is a forum that joins Sysco customers with innovative creations sourced from best-in-class suppliers at the fore of innovation. 

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