Innovative sustainable layer and alternative to PE layer inside the cups

Alternative to Polyethylene and PLA coating

The Graphic Packaging Holding Company stated today the announcement of OptiCycle, a unique, innovative line of non-polyethylene (PE) coated, single-use foodservice packaging that gives an option to traditional PE and polylactic acid (PLA) coated products. 

OptiCycle – Innovative Layer

The primary packaging solution of its kind to be commercialized by a domestic supplier in North America, OptiCycle is built more easily recyclable by allowing smooth separation of the liquid barrier coating from the paper. When OptiCycle is repulped, nearly 98 percent of the fiber is improved, which means that the whole cup can be used to make other paper products.

Water-Based coating – OptiCycle

“Paper cups built with renewable fiber are a famous on-the-go beverage opportunity for marks and consumers,” declared Michael Doss, Graphic Packaging’s President and CEO. “OptiCycle’s best coating technology is water-based, needs less coating material, and develops the amount of fiber that can be improved when it is recycled.”

On the go for recycle

“There is considerable center on designing products with the future of our planet in memory,” stated Ricardo De Genova, Senior Vice President, Global Innovation and New Business Development. “Sustainability is at the essence of our innovation efforts at Graphic Packaging. Besides OptiCycle, we are taking another step in the journey for a better planet, allowing customers to reach their sustainability goals, and supporting them feel even more real about fiber-based packaging as an option to plastics.”

The expansion of this leading-edge technology aligns well with the Company’s Concept 2025, leveraging its industry-leading sustainability profile to make new packaging solutions that reduce environmental impact. “We are happy to present our latest line of foodservice packaging in help of the move to a more circular economy,” said Doss.

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