Silgan Dispensing Introduces Gemini BE Nasal Pump

To assist pharmaceutical brands have faster-to-market nasal spray solutions, Silgan Dispensing, an international leader in the design, development, and issuance of admiringly engineered pumps and sprayers in the drug, home, and beauty markets, introduces the Gemini BE Nasal Pump.

Designed with Silgan Dispensing’s Bioequivalence (BE) Program, the Gemini™ BE Nasal Pump is versatile to effectively match detailed formulations for a perfect performance fit and quick time-to-market. With a vast five-stage custom process, Gemini™ permits ultimate customizability with around 40 spray configurations.

Added benefits of the Gemini BE Nasal Pump include:

• Cleanroom, pharma-grade, and ISO-certified production

• High-dosing accuracy

• Low strokes to prime

• Capability to fit existing reference-listed drug (RLD) devices across a range of formulations

• Proficiency in modifying spray characteristics like DSD, plume geometry, and spray pattern

“Bioequivalence testing allows our clients to overcome regulatory and technical barriers that have previously slowed product commercialization,” said Allan Houston, vice president of sales & marketing, healthcare at Silgan Dispensing. “The Gemini™ BE Nasal Pump showcases our BE Program and Silgan Dispensing’s ability to deliver expedited nasal devices that fit our customer’s needs as a replacement or secondary supply chain option.”

Silgan Dispensing’s BE Program is aligned with U.S. FDA and EU methods – providing customers the confidence they require from a healthcare packaging supplier. Additionally, the BE Program is supported by Silgan Dispensing’s regulatory team, utilizing the company’s Nasal Spray Testing cGMP lab and equipment and partners with accredited, external cGMP lab testing services and CMOs for nasal products.

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