Simplify Vacuum Freshness: Increase the 5x shelf life of food products with one touch

Americans throw away 40% of the food in their kitchens because it goes wrong. It’s time for a change.

Source: Silo

It is introducing Silo: a revolutionary simple vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresher and longer.

Silo’s “Alexa built-in” easy voice interface combines patented one-touch vacuum storage with cutting-edge IoT infrastructure to create a truly modern food management system.

Place one of our patented containers on the base and press lightly to activate the vacuum.

Source: Silo

No bags – no hoses – no hassle. Describe the built-in Alexa and what the contents are, and Silo will order and track the container’s contents for you; freshness and spoilage reminders are game changers.

Life won’t wait. But now your produce will.

Air is good for humans – but bad for food. By sucking out the air, Silo creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria, significantly slowing down nature’s spoilage timeline.

With Silo, you can keep produce, meat, fish + bread fresh for up to a week longer than typical plastic containers.

Source: Silo

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