Sanner BioBase – A broad portfolio of packaging made of bioplastics for your effervescent products!

Sanner BioBase
Source: Sanner BioBase

Sanner BioBase presents the first sustainable organic effervescent packaging made from > 90% renewable raw materials. Especially for the primary tablet size of 25 mm in diameter, offer different tube lengths and five suitable closure solutions, including the Sanner classics DASG-1 and DOSG-1 and the user-friendly and modern FOG-27 FlipTop closure. Contact us for other size variants and the implementation of your existing effervescent tablet packaging in Sanner BioBase. Get motivated for a sustainable future of effervescent packaging.

Bioplastics for sustainable packaging

Plastics are estimated bioplastics if they are either bio-based and biodegradable. Biomass, collected from corn, sugar cane, or cellulose, provides the raw material for bio-based plastics. When applying sugar cane, the contained ethanol is converted to “green ethylene.” The subsequent polymerization creates bio PE/PP. This serves fossil resources and decreases the carbon footstep of the packaging.

Sanner BioBase the eco-friendly packaging for your product

Sanner BioBase’s packaging explications mainly consist of renewable raw materials. Their production is based on an excellent agricultural system, guaranteed by our partners’ “supplier code of conduct.”

Bio-based plastic packaging has a different advantage over conventional packaging: it is independent of fossil raw material deposits and significantly decreases CO2 emissions. This helps us achieve climate targets and improve resource performance since packaging made of bioplastics can be recycled.

Sanner BioBase Sustainable packaging for effervescent tablets

Packaging created of bio-based plastics has the same properties as conventional packaging, is recyclable, and can be prepared on existing filling lines. Moreover, it has several decisive advantages:

  • Sanner BioBase, as bio-based packaging, is nearly identical to PE made of fossil raw material.
  • Sanner BioBase products have a decreased carbon footprint compared to conventional packaging.
  • Sanner BioBase has improved water vapor barrier properties than conventional effervescent packaging, thus increasing the shelf life of your products.
  • Sanner BioBase has a reliable and high-quality feeling. It is printable or can be created with an IML label.

Company differentiates itself from fighting products by its sustainable bioplastic packaging alone. By using bio-based packaging, you provide to decreasing greenhouse gases and preserving the environment.

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