Design Changeover – “Archiman” a men SkinCare Brand

Archiman, a men’s skincare brand from France, has newly jointly with RPC M&H Plastics to create the packaging in the form of flexible tubes.

M&H and Archiman both worked together and gone for the entire packaging process, from deciding the style of packaging, right up to what cap orifice size for ensuring the consistent application of product when in use, and eliminate the chance of leakage.
Each tube emphasizes an intricate design pattern that M&H was suitable for print and in-house printing.
Karine and Stéphanie Coccellato made the design to allow the customer to imagine the product that he hopes with various images woven into the intricate designs. It was compelling that the decoration was consistent and clear.
RPC M&H Plastics division has a record of serving imaginative entrepreneurs with packaging their new products, then arising with their packaging needs to satisfy the increasing demand and success of their product.

Vihaan Nagal

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