Ardagh’s Recycled Glass Briquettes Win

Ardagh’s has won a Sustainability Award in the inaugural ‘Pre-Commercialised Discovery’ category for its process of producing remeltable briquettes from the accurate particle glass refused during the recycling process, allowing 100% of recycled glass to be remelted into different glass bottles and jars.
The rejected glass makes up 10% of the glass collected for recycling. It is currently unusable in glass manufacture because it contains loose organics and CSP (ceramic, stone, and porcelain), causing blistering in new containers. It is typically distracted to road whole or is failed to landfill and can never be recovered.
Driven by the goal to maximize cullet recovery for remelting, Ardagh’s worked with different partners to develop the recipes and method to produce briquettes from the rejected glass, safely melted externally any opposing effects closing the recycling loop. The award excited 63 entries from beyond the world and was narrowed down to the top 5 in Packaging Europes online awards event.
On being declared, the winner, Brendan O’Meara from Ardagh’s European Glass Cullet team, commented: “We’re amazingly proud to win the Sustainability Award, individually with such powerful competition. The potential of the briquettes to gain 100% of collected glass for remelting is a significant achievement. Special thanks go to Stewart Wright at Wright Engineering and Professor Paul Bingham at Sheffield Hallam University for their unbelievable support and expertise.”
Ardagh’s Chief Sustainability Officer, John Sadlier, added ”We are delighted to receive recognition for this important project that supports us in achieving our ambitious sustainability targets. We hope the additional cullet available as briquettes will help to achieve the ultimate objective of 95% cullet and 5% raw materials within the glass batch, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the furnace.”

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