Advanced Paper Butter Wrap paper by Wipak

Wipak UK is set to launch a recyclable paper wrap for butter which can be kerbside recycled within the paper waste stream and increase 68% carbon footprint decrease corresponding to market-standard wraps.

FSC-certified paper

The highly decorative butter wrap is made from renewable, FSC-certified paper and covered in ultra-thin natural coatings with excellent oxygen and water vapor barrier properties.

“Most butter wraps in the UK market are made of parchment paper or a grease-resistant paper which is commonly made into composite laminates with aluminum and polyethylene,” explained Wipak UK’s Technical Development Manager, Keith Gater. “Although made from renewable resources, coated parchment papers do not promote a circular economy as they’re not easily recyclable.

Traditional Butter Paper Wrap

Our consumer-friendly paper solution is a recyclable and reusable alternative to existing butter wraps on the market. It maintains the look and feel of a traditional butter wrap, can be fully printed with brand imagery and runs on existing butter wrap machinery.

Wipak UK’s recyclable butter wrap has successfully passed shelf-life trials and scored an A+ rating in recycling tests carried out by the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University. “This classification is the highest possible score that can be achieved for paper recycling efficiency, whereby the pulp recovery must be a minimum of 98.5%,” continued Keith. “Our wrap is also compliant with UK-set guidelines for claiming paper recyclability, which require a minimum paper content of 85%.

Wipak UK has newly upgraded its machinery to contain a combi laminator to make the butter wrap format. This investment is assisting Wipak UK to move closer to lowering its company carbon footprint and gaining carbon neutrality by 2025.

Disruptive sustainable packaging

“With increasing pressure from customers, brands and retailers must take strong action with disruptive sustainable packaging solutions that challenge traditional methods,” said Keith. “Solutions like Wipak UK’s butter wrap will not only have significant environmental benefits but will help to keep brands relevant in an increasingly competitive market.”

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