IIT Roorkee develops water-based printing ink

IIT Roorkee and Afflatus Gravure Private Limited, collaborated to create a sustainable solution for flexible printing. After signing an agreement with IIT Roorkee Director Professor KK Pant in front of representatives from both parties and the research team, this innovative technology has been transferred to a renowned packaging company.

The technology was conceptualized by Dr. Anurag Kulshreshtha, Professor Millie Pant from IIT Roorkee, YS Negi (Rtd.) of Afflatus Gravures Pvt Ltd, and Arun Pandey of Noida-based Afflatus Gravures Pvt Ltd. The innovative process is helpful for flexible packaging and a more sustainable choice that offers protection without compromising on convenience or portability.

The rigorous application process for a technology patent is already underway at IIT Roorkee. Inter-ministerial cooperation between the Ministry of Education (MoE), the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) in India, and Afflatus Gravure Private Limited from Noida, led to the creation of this innovative idea.

The primary objective of this project was to provide an economical and ecologically friendly printing solution. Therefore, water-based rotogravure ink has been developed for flexible packaging applications.

The IIT Roorkee research team developed an aqua-based solution to address the challenge of lowering carbon footprint and VOC emissions, which will act as a benchmark for eco-conscious manufacturing protocols and provide a sustainable solution in addition to promoting green technology.

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