Ready for 2022 – PAPACKS Fiber Bottle

No Plastic – Seriously… 😲

We are ready for the futuristic molded fiber bottle; after years of research and development, we have all modules, including closure without plastic.

At the Plastik Free World Expo in November 2021, PAPACKS will officially declare the start of the series production of the molded fiber bottle/paper bottle.

Production is scheduled to start in 2022, with the industrial required quantity.

The production machine specially designed by PAPACKS, which can make the bottle from a single cast, will find its place in the new PAPACKS® GIGAFACTORY 2, which is presently being built.

The PAPACKS Fiber-Bottle is a 100% compostable and recyclable bottle made from renewable fiber materials. In combination with the PAPACKS IMG, an injection molding granulate made of 100% organic composition suitable for fine and detailed constructions, the Fiber-Bottle forms a viable substitute to conventional plastic/glass bottles.

The Fiber Bottle’s applications are wide-ranging: from beverage to the household segments. The Fiber Bottle solves the recycling problem of glass and plastic bottles. Through a circular-economy- concept, we reduce packaging waste, as only compostable and reusable materials are given into circulation.


To give proper barrier protection for the bottle, the specially created PAPACKS® ORGANIC COATING is coated inside the bottle.

fiber bottle, Papacks

PAPACKS® IMG functions as the basis for a screw cap to make the PAPACKS® FIBER BOTTLE totally plastic-free.

First paper bottle prototype by Coca-Cola

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