How to check UV inks are properly cured?

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UV inks are growing demand for packaging printing due to their fast curing method, which allows further processing near-instant. It has been difficult to immediately and definitively determine whether the print is cured correctly. And printers have been doing subjective methods.

However, since the curing quality affects the hardness, robustness, migration performance, and the strength for further processing of an ink film, irregular curing. It may negatively alter the usability and quality of the printed product.

A team of hubergroup people defines the curing level of UV inks. And they do a test liquid and an electronic test device. By experimenting with a predefined extract, NewV cure can recognize the quality level of a printed product. Their New, science-based access gives a secure and objective evaluation of UV curing in a minute. ”

“With a NewV cure method, subjective end-all techniques of curing determination and found a new norm for quality management in UV curing. In Conclusion, it will support to decrease waste and discards due to incomplete curing and develops security in packaging production.”



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