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Source: Greiner Packaging

100 percent recyclable innovative cardboard spoon

A spoon included in the packaging for comfort products is nothing individually groundbreaking. However, Greiner Packaging and its joint venture partner Cardbox Packaging are now using this idea to the next level in keeping with a circular economy policy. The outcome is a 100 percent recyclable cardboard spoon.

Kremunster, in Austria, January 2021. The convenience of disposable plastic cutlery will be forbidden in the European Union from mid-2021. However, a perfect alternative is being brought to market in the new fold-out cardboard spoon developed by Greiner Cardbox Packaging. Designed for experiencing dairy and snack products away from home, the spoon is right on track with both the comfort and sustainability trends. Customers want food solutions that are easy to prepare and can also be enjoyed on the go, and they also wish the food packaging and cutlery to be as a user and eco-friendly as possible. Cutlery created renewable resources, so cardboard, .which is 100 percent recyclable in the paper recycling loop, taps into these accurate trends.

Smarter and the sturdy cardboard design

Wrapped just once, the sturdy cardboard spoon has a length of 10 cm. which provides it the perfect shape and size to conveniently utilizing dairy products, desserts, fruit, or different types of salad on the go thankfulness to its smart folding style and the innovative shape that approximates each bank card. The spoon is comfortable to use on the spot. The cardboard spoon is produced from virgin fibers and is consequently authorized for contact with food. Simultaneously, a water-based coating on the cardboard ensured can safely use the spoon while feeding. But customers can yet have branding and a fabulous look with this spoon, too. Custom printing is regularly available, starting at a minimum order quantity. This process naturally uses unique food-safe inks and coatings that meet an essential standard for food products.

The recyclable alternative

Already used, the folding cardboard spoon can be disposed of with different waste paper. A water-based coating picked for the spoon makes it ideal for recycling in the standard paper recycling stream. Connecting it with a top cup made of r-PET and polypropylene (PP) sealing film can be removed entirely from the lid results in a sustainable packaging clarification besides an excellent recycling outline. To obtain the spoon, the PP film is automatically classified from the lid. This assures that the individual packaging ingredients are 100 percent recyclable when accurately disposed of.

An essential contribution toward a circular economy

The unique cardboard spoon meets Greiner Packagings‘ requirements for sustainability perfectly. The plastics specialists are committed to the concept of a circular economy that aims to use plastic as sparingly as possible. When the cardboard spoon, which is made of renewable resources itself – needs to be disposed of, it is recycled in the paper loop.

We are pleased that more and more partners and customers want to work on sustainable packaging solutions. Expanding recyclable packaging solutions not only makes sense for the environment but also offered commercial advantages. We are happy to improve a circular economy with developments such as the cardboard spoon. Konrad Wasserbauer, circular economies director at Greiner Packaging

The cardboard packaging specialists at Cardbox Packaging are also satisfied with the partner’s product discovery. “We were ready to pool our expertise as we were working to develop the cardboard spoon, managing a result that meets consumers’ expectations as well as doing something concrete for our climate,” Florian Scharl, managing director at Cardbox Packaging, is satisfied to note.

Everything from a single source

An automatic process places the cutlery built of cardboard sourced from virgin fibers hygienically packaged in the lids, essentially made from r-PET. The cutlery can be excellently tailored to the project’s needs and the customers, although naturally, the cutlery is too available separately.

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