Is it raising a question on Biodegradable plastic?

‘Biodegradable’ plastic bags last remain three years in land and ocean.

Plastic bags that challenge to be biodegradable were still the same and capable of carrying shopping three years following being exposed to natural conditions.

The research tested for the compostable bags, two types of the biodegradable bag and regular LDPE/HDPE bags after long-term exposure to the earth environment. Not a single kind of bags decayed sufficiently in all environment.

The compostable bag seems to have done fine than a biodegradable bag. The compostable bag specimen had wholly decomposed after 3 months in the aquatic environment, but Scientist says more effort is required to discover what the breakdown products are used for the possible environmental consequences.

After three years the “biodegradable” bags that had been buried in the soil and the sea were able to carry shopping. And the compostable bag was being in the ground 27 months after being buried, but when examined with buying, it was incapable of holding any weight without splitting.

University of Plymouth’s International Marine Litter Research Unit Studies shows and published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology asks the issue of whether biodegradable can be confident on to sufficient rate of degradation and therefore a practical solution to the dilemma of plastic litter.

Imogen Napper, who supervised the study, responded: “After three years, I was astonished that some of the bags could yet hold a weight of purchasing. For biodegradable plastic bags to be capable of doing that was the most unusual.

About half of plastics are dumped after a one time use, and significant quantities end up as litter.


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