Henkel introduced 50 percent of recycled plastic for Transport packaging

One of the best suppliers of shrink sleeve Papier-Mettler jointly takes a step with Henkel for reducing the 50% transport packaging. Henkel begins utilizing the “I’m eco®” shrink film for its automated dishwashing brand Somat. The film has more than 50 percent recycled material that was included in various EU markets in which shrink film is utilized as transport packaging.

Transport packaging requires meeting various standards: it should be durable and high quality, as it follows and guards Henkel’s products.
Closed-loop for transport packaging
Papier-Mettler’s “I’m eco®” film is produced in a closed material loop – once used at retailers, the packaging trash is gathered and blended with virgin plastic. This film is sustainable and also offers great quality and doesn’t affect machinability. It eases to diminish plastic waste, is 100 percent recyclable, and reduces the equivalent CO2 emissions by an extra 25 percent.
The awakening of the recycling shrink film with more than 50 percent content for the dish wash tabs is a new step towards sustainability: Henkel’s packaging organizations are assessing the use of this transport packaging for additional products and divisions in both Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care.

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