Gerresheimer Traceability solution: Complete clarity right from the beginning

The Gerresheimer traceability idea provides entire transparency throughout the value chain and perfect safety for the patient — because only complete traceability is accurate traceability. As the foremost link in the manufacturing chain, the business uses unique codes for its primary packaging and medical instruments. All downstream players can connect, analyze, and communicate any data with the individual product unit with traceability. The codes are the key to connecting previously separate worlds in the value chain. They keep the start of a new generation of interconnectedness that pledges complete transparency and security for customers and patients.

“Our vision has transparency and traceability across the whole supply chain, from primary packaging to secondary packaging to packing and serialization of medicines to definitive use at the PoC,” says Lea Amstad, Digital Strategy Lead responsible for this project.

Increase patient safety

Marked primary packaging supports minimizes the chance of costly and unsafe mix-ups when filling medicines. This aspect is increasingly evolving due to smaller batch sizes in personalized drugs. 

Eliminate sources of error

Issues that need to be examined during production or filling and finishing are expected. Due to ongoing investigations, the proficiency to trace back certain machinery events or previously reported problems speeds up root cause analysis and decreases the number of blocked products. 

Increase efficiency

Shorter batch sizes are also creating work processes that are more complex and flexible. Thanks to coding, line changes can be streamlined and accelerated if the batch affiliation, filing status, or other product details can be traced for each product. 

Limit damage in case of recalls

In the event of a drug recollection, the connection between the unique code of the primary packaging and the serialized medicine drives is likely to draw a quick and accurate decision about the concerned product units. 

Fight counterfeiting

A unique code on the primary packaging that cannot rub off and the corresponding digital identity is another crucial step to a counterfeit-proof product. 

Enable patient and end-customer interaction

Unique codes allow various use points in marketing, customer profiling, or patient safety, permitting end consumers and patients to transmit directly with the product via smartphone.

Support circular economy

The trend toward reusable packaging materials moves beyond the cosmetics enterprise. Identifiable products and their digital tracing allow the continuous tracking of products in the market.


Now marked packaging can improve product and process quality and documentation, making it feasible to address the increasingly stringent regulatory provisions.

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